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Cornhole Rules & Regulations    

CFC Arena Corn Hole League

·       Team format is 2-on-2.  Subs can rotate in only after a completed inning.

·        Teams will be allowed to warm before the first set only. No warm-up time between sets

·       Teams will play 1 set (each set is best of 5 games) 

·       Games will be up to 21 using cancelation scoring

·        Boards will be placed 27 feet apart from the front end of the board 

·       Teams are responsible for keeping their own score. Score sheets must be signed by both teams captains or representative must hand in signed score sheets at the end of the night 

·       Games are self-officiated (However, CFC Arena staff always have final say in any disputes.)

·       The ceiling net is in bounds.  If the bag hits the net on your throw, it counts as your throw.


Key terms:
Game: Up to 21 points  
Set: Best of 5 games

·       Each team will play 5 games (1 set) against their opponent.

·       All games will be up to 21 using cancelation scoring.

·       Rock, paper, scissors will determine which team goes first for the first game of the night.

·       The losing team will go first in the next game.

·       If a team wins the first 3 games of a set the 4th & 5th  games do not have to be played


·       Getting a bag in the hole is worth 3 points.

·       Getting a bag on the board is worth 1 point.

Cancelation scoring example: Team A lands 2 bags on the board and one in the hole (5 points) and Team B gets 3 bags in the hole (9 points). Team B will receive 4 points and Team A will receive 0 points.


·       Score differential is the tiebreaker.  There are no skunk rules.  Winning teams cannot record a score more than 21 points in a game.  


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