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Indoor Lacrosse-Girls Rules & Regulations    

CFC Arena Girls Indoor Lacrosse Rules

(All US Lacrosse rules are followed with these adjustments:)

Play of Game – Girls Lacrosse

·      7 v 7 ( 6 field players and a goalie)

·      On draw, only 2 players in center.  Other field players must be behind the goal line until possession is established

·      2 players in defensive zone at all times

·      Midline becomes back court once ball is cleared

·      Score and standings will be kept

·      No passes are required. 

·      Goalie cannot score a goal.

·      Draw after goals

Free movement allows players to freely move around the playing field, instead of being required to hold their positions on stoppages including possession time-outs (Rule 4-3-3), injury time-outs (Rule 4-2-3), major and minor fouls (Rule 5-3-1), when the ball goes out of bounds (Rule 6-3-1) and free position or alternating-possession restarts (Rule 10-1). 



·      Minimum of 7 players, no maximum

·      Adult required on the field as coach\manager


·      The game clock starts at scheduled time. Teams must be ready to play on time.

·      Two - 26 minute running-time halves and 2 minute halftime to change sides.


Girls = Middle School = Modified Checking below the shoulder only 
Girls = High School = USL\NFHS checking
Boys = LIMITED body checking.  Do not knock players down.

Penalties for cards

2 minute mandatory penalties for check to the head, slash, dangerous propelling, dangerous follow-through and dangerous contact.  Pushing player into side walls or nets is a mandatory card.  Official may award yellow card for repeated major fouls, particularly rough & dangerous play, and unsporting behavior. 

All penalty time served in full. Penalty time begins when player is in box and will be kept on the scoreboard. 

4 personals = removal from the game and is issued a 2 game suspension. Two - 2 game suspension equals a season suspension.

If a player fights or is belligerent in any way, he/she will be expelled from the league permanently without exception and without refund.

New Rules:

The new 2020 rules will be enforced along with the past adjustments:


Self-start after foul permitted (not within 12 M of goal)

·      Ref does not have to blow whistle to re-start play outside critical scoring area (12M from goal)

·      Defensive players must still move 4 M away.  If attacker self-starts before defenders are 4M away, defenders may not engage until they are where they should have been.  Engaging early = major foul

·      Player must self-start within a 1 ½ stick lengths of the spot of the foul and must settle – come to brief stop with both feet on ground – before self-starting

No player may be within 8M of Goal circle on an 8M free position or within the box below the goal line extending from the 8M hash marks on the GL to the end-line.

Shots on goal will count as long as the shot is released before the horn blows.



Players can use their feet to kick a ball except towards the goal to score.  Standing on the ball is the minor foul of covering.


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